Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm simple

I don’t need expensive bags and I don’t need to be fetched around and I don’t need to be brought to hotels every day. I don’t need all that, I’m simple. I like busrides with you, I like enjoying each other’s company in silence and yet feeling utterly comfortable, I like walks home, I like cooking dinner together, I like hugs, I like it when you wipe away my tears when I cry. I like the simple things.
I don’t need the riches to be happy. I just want the simplicities, the things that really matter. I just need someone to understand, someone not to yell at me when I accidentally give the wrong directions in the car, someone who won’t shout at me or say nasty things to me.

Boys, that’s what I really need. I don't need anything else, only YOU and YOU.