Sunday, April 10, 2011


Titik kosong lagi.

I have recently lost what i used to have. What i used to own. What i used to have as my daily dose. I guess those stuff is not there anymore. Let by gone be by gone. I have thought of keeping everything. Till the end of my life. But eventually, things fade. 


Building up a new life without my all important people is sucks to. They are there. But they are not there. Everything feels so plain and plain. Everything's change. I, myself maybe have not learn without them yet. I mean, yeah. But it feels the same when you got back.

Everything is just not as what it used to be.

There is no spark anymore. Yes, no more sparks in friendship. Maybe, that one day the sparks will come back. But maybe, it will remain silent as it goes away day by day. I've been through this once, and i am going through this again. As i know it is actually come from myself.

Blank space. I have always been the one who started all the sparks. I have life and dreams to pursue. I want what i want. But for me to just stay put and stare at what had happened, it is just stupid.

I missed what i used to have.

Babe, i do really miss you. Can I get the old you back PLEASE :'(