Saturday, August 13, 2011


I don't speak much lately. I feel nothing actually. I miss smiling for a reason. I miss laughing with the people I love, today I don't sleep after having my sahur, I went out in front of my room and take a deep breath. I feel a pressure just hit me straight on top of my head. I don't feel okay, but i'm forcing myself to be okay, I don't know, I just feel good, I hold my anger tight to myself and keep reminding myself that how hard life is, there's a reason everything's happen. Allah knows how's your life going to be like every seconds. If he give you bad things, that means he want you to learn from it. If Allah give something good, that means he want you to be grateful for it. But remember, everything that Allah give to you in the past or in the future, everything is for your own good. 

Insya Allah.