Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We share our happiness,our sadness and our decision.
We share all of our life story. 
We need each other.
We know each other.
Each heart fill with happiness when we are together.
I know how It feels when all those shit appears.
You don't have to worry because I'm trying my best to face all this.
Family, Friends & You. 
That's enough for me.
You don't have to worry bad things that may happen in future.

Because I'm strong enough to handle it.

p/s: Thanks LF & BW for being here when I need both of you.:)


Dear Rina,
Thank you for the post. I do love you, yes I do. So Hakim jangan ingat kau seorang je yang sayang Rina okay. Sharing is caring :) Alright Rina, just forget about the past. I know you are strong enough. Those bitches love your life, just ignore them. And most important you and Hakim know the truth thing so ignore the others. For your own happiness. Nothing is more important except a true friendship. That all. I'm always behind you. That for sure. You are good enough for me, you always there for me. And now I'm doing the same thing for you. No doubt.