Friday, March 1, 2013


There's one thing you ought to know,
It doesn't mean if I miss someone, I miss our memories, I desperately want them back in my life.
I moved on, but I won't lie to myself if there are times my brain won't digest the fact that some things shall be forgotten. That's who I am, I don't forget things that puts me through so much pain, I kept forgetting them on and on. Because the more I force myself to forget about it, the more I felt it hits me to the core.

And, it doesn't mean if I remembered all the pain and heartache I've been through I'm gathering all the heartache and revenge all over my veins. No.

It's just something I remember, of what I had in the past.
Nothing more, nothing less.

But mostly, not wanting anything back.
Please don't underestimate the way I miss things.

Maybe you can just accept the fact that I don't forget things, and I'll accept the fact that some people walk away.