Sunday, March 10, 2013

The one.

Have you ever fall in love so deeply, even if things went wrong and everything falls apart, but you know you'll end up loving that same person over and over again ?

It's like even if you're trying your hardest to let it go and move on with someone else, but you just can't. Not because you don't want to, but you yourself know what your heart wants most.

Maybe it's not the first love that puts you through this, to always 'wanting' that person above any other person you've met.

It's just someone. That to some other person he is just a chapter, but to you yourself, he is the whole book. The new beginning, or even the end. In any other way, you still can't get your mind trying to neglect them in any possible way.

'Everyone have their own reasons why they love someone the way they are.'

Anything at all that makes you think..

Yes, it may be the most cliche thing to say,
But, he's "the one".

It's like whatever you've tried to let go or simply move on with someone else, when they're around, there's no one in this whole wide world that you want except them.

Hati manusia berbeza.
Jatuh merana, bangun dengan tawa. Apa yang hati nak, kau tetap susah nak kaburkan.
Sebab bila makin kau deny dan kata ini bukan apa yang kau perlukan dan yang kau nak, makin jelas dari setiap sudut yang that is what you really want.

And they're just, the one.
Even if things have changed, and people fade away, and everything went upside down.
They're still your one and only.