Friday, November 12, 2010

silly question

People always ask me silly question ;
'Lisa , why do you still do not have a boyfriend? '

If you are at my place , what kind of answer will you give .

Damn hard idiot !

Orait , let me tell you . 

Its terribly difficult to find someone who completely loves you for the person whom you are . Most of the time , people make ridiculous demands ; they expect you to change the little bits of yourself to cater to their wishes .

What I think is , we all deserve that someone , who will love the good , the bad , the digusting , the weird bits and pieces about us - being late all the time , not knowing how to play sports properly , not having any talent in particular , being klutzy , the pms-y moments . .

So the conclusion is , search for someone that worth keeping for the rest of life .

Got it ? So stop asking me this stupid question anymore okay : )