Monday, December 6, 2010

iloveyousayangs .

okay LET BYGONE BE BYGONE . can we just forget it ? yes ? no ? i don't care . lets enjoy every seconds and every single day that we have bacause time will never turn back :)) in this wonderful world , we are created to be happy , to feel hurt . these are the two important things that have to stick together . so in any situation we are , we have to accept every single things that are given and not question things to much . we have to learn that people make mistakes in order to learn with them . we have to learn that we cant always depend on anyone else but ourselves .
so in the end all we really have is 
OURSELVES . we know that whatever happened doesn't kill us but just only make we STRONGER ! :)) and now we are giving time , space for ourselves bacause we are really need that and we have to ! im sorry for everything i did had pressured you so much . forgive n forget ! here i'll keep waiting until u need me there for you . take care sayang