Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jealousy -.-'

You were right. You were right about everything. Thank you for making me realized. Thank you for opening my eyes. I can see clearly now. I shall now think about everything. I shouldn't be jealous with her because you're with me but I did. I did felt jealous because I'm afraid. Afraid that you might fall for her again because back in the day, when we were still friends, you cried at me because of her. At that moment, I know how much you like her. I'm afraid I might lose you because I felt that I'm not good enough for you. Jealous because afraid that she might be better than me. Jealousy filled my mind, my heart. I couldn't stop thinking about it just now. It makes my brain delirious. Argh. Angry with myself because I let jealousy take over me. About the other guy, ah screw him! I couldn't care less about him. I don't give a damn about him at all. I shall ignore him for good. You are my priority and will always be. There's no other guy in my heart except you.

Another argument between us. I'm messed up.