Thursday, September 29, 2011


Continue reading if you don't mind bout indecent words.

I'm disappointed with this certain people who is totally have no idea about anything, but they're blaming other people without even try to find out the truth. I'm more disappointed with this people whom I respect, but it turned out that she/he is worth my respect. She/he acts like they're so fucking perfect and everything else should listen to them. They tell us what to, what we shouldn't do. Seriously cunt, nobody appoint you to be the leader at the first place. After what you did, I've lost my respect on you. Why? Because you blame other on your mistake. Maybe you're too scared to admit your mistake or maybe you're just stupid asshole that have a short term memory. Even I'm a bitch, still I'm not as fake as you cunt. And I don't go deleting anyone from Facebook because of some stupid reason. Even you're older than me, but you're nothing but immature. You said we all childish but look who's talking.

I curse a lot. I use bitch, asshole, cunt, fuck and damn. If you think my words are not decent, it's you problem not mine. And plus, I'm not going to be a teacher. Even if I'm going to be a teacher, who the fuck are you to care about my indecent words?

Lastly H, may God bless you cunt :)