Thursday, October 20, 2011


Stop acting like you're all that cause you are not!

Stop acting like you care when you are not!

Stop acting like you know it all cause you don't!

JUST STOP cause the world does NOT revolve around you ONLY!

Stop being despicable cause you are definitely being one! 

Stop being a pain in the arse cause you definitely are!

Stop turning your back on something, on someone!

And for once, stop being that judgemental. Just stop! So what if I swear a lot? If you care that much, if that makes me a bad person, if that shows I'm not as angelic as you are, then I wonder what are you? I absofuckinglutely not a "good person" as you are but for once, never in my life I ever did what you did. And all I can say, I really hope you'll find the right way, repent and really, please stop acting like you're all that. It gives me heartache and even worse eye sore. Just stop, please. Damn assholes!